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Autumn Chapman

Sandy Radic-Oshiro
Loleta School Psychologist

Cougar News August 11, 2020

Welcome back students and families! We are excited to start the 2020-2021 school year with new opportunities for learning and growing as individuals and a community.

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Wednesday Wellness Newsletter – Week 8

We are all in this together! Stay connected. Reach out! I have noticed that the last couple of weeks have been more challenging emotionally for students and families and for myself, too. I am finding that many are experiencing ups and downs in their emotions that can change rapidly throughout the day.

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Wednesday Wellness Newsletter – Week 7

May 6, 2020 Dear Students and Families, Lean in. This week my son started distance learning via Google Classroom and it has been challenging to say the least! We had finally gotten into a routine of paper packets and doing 2-3 assignments per day in addition to...

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Week 5 Wednesday Wellness Newsletter

April 23, 2020 Dear Students and Families, Happy Earth Day! I hope you had a wonderful spring break. Seeing the earth transform into spring is so magical and I love all of the flowers and blooms that are beginning to brighten our yards and neighborhoods. Just like the...

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Wednesday Wellness Newsletter for Students and Parents

April 1, 2020 Dear Students and Families, Week 3 of school closure bring its own challenges but also opportunities. I am hearing from families and students that they are spending quality time together. One student shared that she is gardening and sent pictures of her...

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A Message from Ms. Sandy – Please read with or to your children

As you know, we are taking a break from school for some time just so that we can be sure everyone can stay healthy. I know some of you have questions and may even be a little unsure of what is happening. I want you to know that this will pass and we will be back at school. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do for yourself and your family.

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