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Sandy Radic-Oshiro
School Psychologist

A soft reminderApril 1, 2020

Dear Students and Families,

Week 3 of school closure bring its own challenges but also opportunities. I am hearing from families and students that they are spending quality time together. One student shared that she is gardening and sent pictures of her project. It was amazing.

This is also a time of adjustment too and some of us may be feeling more anxious or irritable. I noticed in myself that I am experiencing many ups and downs in my emotions. That is okay. My friend shared this visual with me to remind me that all emotions are okay during this time.

Humboldt County Department of Mental Health Services has created a crisis line to provide individuals with a confidential space to talk to someone. Counselors can be reached at 707-268-2999, Monday through Friday from 8 AM – 5 PM.

I have included an article for you on focusing on what you can control, not what you can’t to keep a calm household in uncertain times. In addition, included are some visuals on what we can control and what we can’t. I often utilize the second visual when speaking to students about how to manage their fears and let go when they feel they cannot control a situation.

I encourage students and parents to reach out to your teacher if you have any questions about how to support your student academically. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are need of support. We miss all of the students greatly and our hearts are full of love for them all!

Parents, remember to take care of yourself and take time for yourself. Students, please be kind to your family and recognize if you are getting grumpy or irritable and take a break. It is normal to feel this way especially when you are spending so much time with each other.

Remember to be kind and practice gratitude. We have so many things to be thankful for!

Ms. Sandy
(707) 834-2861