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Brenda Hubner

Raised right here in our Eel River Valley, Brenda Hubner knew at a young age she wanted to teach, help, and inspire. That knowledge led her on an amazing journey that began after graduating from Ferndale High School and through college at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. It resonated with her in the various places she was blessed to live: Oregon, Nevada, Texas, and California–taking time to be the mom she needed to be for her two remarkable children; raising them to enjoy and appreciate people from all walks of life. Her love for education blazed bright as she taught various grade levels: a year of 3rd (and a Spanish elective for grades 1-4), a year of 1st (reading 1-3, a music elective for grades 1-4, plus 8th grade drama), four years as the 3-year-old lead teacher in a preschool, a year in 4th, and a year in a 5th/6th combination class.

Upon returning to the North Coast a few short years ago, she fell deeper in love with teaching students with special needs–working closely with families to help every student grow to their fullest potential. Currently, Brenda is an Education Specialist in the Intensive Support Class at our lovely school, and is joyfully serving the families in this beautiful community.

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