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Sandy Radic-Oshiro
School Psychologist

January 27, 2021

THEME OF THE WEEK: Resilience: Trying Even When Things are Hard

Dear Students and Families,

As we finish this last week of January, I hope all of you have gotten back into the swing of things and into a schedule for being successful at school. I would like you to all know how amazing you are and how proud I am of you and your hard work in school.

Resilience The Courage to Come Back


One of my favorite words is resilience which means even if you are having a hard time that you keep trying and moving forward. Here are some of the qualities of a person who is resilient and bounces back when they

experience a setback or problem.

1. Ask for helpInspirational Quote


We all need help sometimes. Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength. By asking for help you are taking responsibility.

2. Recognize strengths

Think about what you are good at. If you know what you are good at then you can build upon your strengths. And by focusing on what you are good at builds positive thoughts in your brain.


3. Sees lessons in setbacks

Problems are normal in life. Learning from the problem and coming up with a solution is a win.

4. Believe things will improve

Resilience means that you believe that situations can change and skills can improve with work and help. If you believe that progress is possible, that’s a sign of resilience.

5. Set goals

When people struggle, they may lower their expectations for themselves. But if you set new, realistic goals instead of taking the easy way out, it shows a desire to push ahead and improve.


6. Try again

Nobody likes going back to a difficult task and risking more disappointment or failure. If you continue to do math homework every day despite feeling like math is hard, that’s resilience. It means you aren’t afraid to keep trying.

Remember we are here to help you! Students and grown ups, please reach out and ask for help. It takes a village.

With respect and kindness,
Ms. Sandy
(707) 834-2861