Hello all!
After careful consideration from the family, staff and community input the Board voted unanimously to institute a “Pause” for Loleta school to begin Monday, Nov 30 and to continue through Winter Break to Tuesday January 19.
They decided this to protect the safety and welfare of all Loleta students and staff. During the regular school days, ALL students will be on 100% distance learning. There will not be any students on campus. Staff is invited to use their room resources but if staff chooses to travel they will be on a 2 week quarantine from the school and must make special arrangements to be on campus.
Please make plans to shift all students to 100% Distance Learning as of Monday November 30. Meals will shift back to the previous schedules when we were 100% DL.
I’ll be putting out a letter tomorrow morning to all families which will be posted on our website.
Thanks all!

Autumn L. Chapman

Superintendent/Principal Loleta Elementary School District
Office: 707-733-5705
FAX:   707-733-5367
Cell;     760-419-0329
“Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Gandhi