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Sandy Radic-Oshiro
School Psychologist


THEME OF THE WEEK: Being Safe by Following School Rules and Expectations for our School and Home Community


Dear Students and Families,

Loleta Elementary School teachers and paraprofessionals have been working so hard to welcome you all back to school on Thursday October 22! A special shout out to Cas, our maintenance director, who has been working hard to provide students and staff with safety measures including an outdoor classroom, arrows on the ground to let students and grown up know what direction to walk, and markings on the ground so students remember to stand six feet apart. A special shout out also to Ms. Chapman for her tireless efforts to provide teachers with the technology and supplies needed to provide a safe and engaging classroom environment and for organizing all of the safety measures and procedures for our school. You rock!
Please review the Hybrid Expectation Powerpoint as part of the Wellness Wednesday video this week. I will also be including the PowerPoint in all of your Google Classrooms. Grown-ups, please review the rules and expectations with your student and ask your student’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.



CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD LES Hyrbid Expectations PowerPoint PDF

We ask all students and grown ups to be mindful of these rules toDog shows correct and incorrect way to wear a facemask help keep us all safe and in school. I have seen so many students on campus wear their masks the right way and am so proud of you. I love seeing the personalities of each person and the different masks people wear! I think the hardest rule for students to remember is to practice social distancing with 6 feet apart. I find it to be so hard too! Giving people the six feet space helps to make school safe for all students and their families at home. Remember, we wear masks to protect our elders and people who may not have a strong immune system. We are a community and we all need to work together to make sure everyone is safe physically. Following safety rules also makes our school feel safe emotionally. Many people are worried about their families and are experiencing stress, anxiety, and worry for themselves and their families. In addition to practicing the 6 food social distancing rule, we should also avoid giving physical hugs and instead give air or self hugs when we see each other. I know many of you are so excited to see your friends and teachers. Not hugging you all is so hard for me and I will need lots of reminders. I hope you can help me. Sometimes, teachers will also need to remind you. Remember, to be respectful and listen to adults when they give you reminders. We care for you and remind you to keep you safe and happy at school.
We are here for you and want to see you at school. Students will continue to receive “Cougar Cash” for following school rules and expectations and we are planning to open the Student Store in the coming weeks. I always love the Student Store days when students eagerly line up with patience and anticipation to purchase items in the Student Store with their “Cougar Cash”. For those students who are continuing at home, we will miss you and respect your family’s choice to keep you safe with distance learning. My own children will be doing distance learning for the school year to help keep their grandfather safe who is living with us.


Remember Cougars to be safe, responsible, and respectful. We are a school community and can work together to have our school be a place where all students feel welcome!

With admiration and respect,
Ms. Sandy (707) 834-2861

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 10 21 2020 Wellness Wednesday Newsletter PDF