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Autumn Chapman

Autumn Chapman
Loleta School Principal

We are looking forward to all the good things the new year will bring and thank you for the honor of educating your precious students! The teacher professional development day on January 6th, was well used by our teachers. Many of them visited other schools to bring new ideas to ours or collaborated in planning! Thank you for giving us this extra day to enrich ourselves and better what we do for our students! 

We hope you all enjoyed our festivities in December and we would like to give a big shout out to Rex Bohn and the Volunteer Loleta Fire Department for bringing Santa and his gifts to our Loleta students! 

This month we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and plan to have cultural events around the idea of nonviolent protest around the world! The holiday is January 20th and there will be no school that day! Please join us for a community dinner celebrating this on Wednesday January 22, 2020 starting at 6:00, sponsored by the Loleta Community Resource Center and the school.

Please welcome Jeffrey Bertotti who will be joining our staff. He performed his student teaching with us first semester and is coming on to decrease class size in Mrs. Nyberg’s room in the mornings while Ms Russ does so in the afternoon. Mr Bertotti will also be working as a resource teacher in the afternoon with our eighth graders!

Two new programs are coming to LES starting this month! The first is Pathfinders! We have a grant supported group from HCOE who will be creating a Maker’s Space for our students to engineer and make things after their lunch periods on a weekly basis. This motivated group of young adults will also be helping with tutoring and mentoring for our 8th graders! Secondly, a group of Social work students from HSU will bringing nutrition education, along with ideas of what a food desert is, how to grow and use cooking herbs at our school. They will explore multicultural recipes! These students will be holding an assembly on January 13th followed by in class lessons with all our students!

With the New Year, everything feels fresh and renewed! As part of our efforts to fully engage our students, it is so important that they attend everyday! Attendance in school is linked to success! If you are having difficulty getting your students to school for some reason, please let us know and we can problem solve ways to make this happen.

The Community of Loleta is a wonderful, rich environment for growth in all areas for our students. If you would like to help add to our work, please consider becoming a volunteer!

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy New Year!                   Autumn