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Autumn Chapman

Autumn Chapman
Loleta School Principal

  • Our systems are working to maintain staff contact, feed our students and get students online access. The Loleta Church has had four volunteers come in to help us with my “outlier” delivery. The Superintendent is only delivering for 45 min on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. Jonathan Merrill is taking the whole route on Fridays!
  • Friday, May 15, we will be delivering the hot spots and Chromebooks to the families that have been identified as having need. The new tribal chief of Bear River, Josefina Cortez and Tribal Chief of Table Bluff, Ted Hernandez are working with us to deliver the equipment. Marina Hash of the LCRC and her staff will help our school staff deliver to the Loleta area. Most special students have already received Chromebooks. Only two need hot spots.
  • The staff zoom meets twice every week: Monday at 9, and Friday at 9. There is now an optional meeting on Wednesdays to discuss specific family challenges. Friday has evolved into a half hour check in for the week and then another hour meeting for teacher planning. This past week we discussed and began planning a curriculum map for our Go Math program. Heather Nyberg has created a spreadsheet template for the entire crew.
  • The staff continues writing logs describing their days which will give us the data for the state reporting that will be required of us concerning the impact of the Covid -19 and sheltering in place. There is a new state report required on our Covid 19 response.
  • Our core set of people who work daily in an “essential capacity” on-site at the school continue to prepare and deliver meals. Kudos plus to: Cindy, Patti, Ms. Honey, Adrienne, Tiara, Lisa, Marina, Ana, Dan, Abraham and Luz.
  • Kudos continue to our amazing teachers who are helping our students make the transition to on-line learning. They are also coming in to make packets that are being delivered with food on Thursdays. Aides are working in collaboration with our teachers to help reach out to students, make packets and support our teachers.
  • We have been successful in our fundraising. We have met our $2500 goal but are still looking for more funds. We have also received 10 Chromebooks in the process of being sent out Friday and we are expecting 14 more to come. They are delayed due to delivery issues. We are looking at having gotten 25 devices. We still are in need of 30 more by September but because we are having families share we will be fine through the end of the school year. Kudos to Demetrius of Ferndale Tech who is setting up our computers and hotspots!
  • The staff continue to address issues at the school, cleaning, painting, and we are looking at getting at least 1 heater in place before winter.